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5 reasons to get an InBody scan

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Ever step on the scale after really attempting to lose weight and you’re feeling good about your effort, but then the scale says you’ve gained a pound… ?!?! If you’re someone who’s struggled with or even just been conscious of your weight, you know exactly what this feels like. Before you smash that scale with a sledgehammer (mentally or physically), hear me out for why you should consider an InBody scan to track your progress instead. 

  1. An InBody scan is a breakdown of your body composition. Internally, we’re made up of many different tissue types and each tissue-type can be measured through a bioelectric impedance analysis, which gently and safely passes a current through the body. This scan can then interpret our fat mass and muscle mass, along with many other key measurements. Because muscle weighs more than fat, it can actually tell us if our weight gain is actually due to muscle gain and fat loss (YAY!).
  2. It tells us your BMR, your basal metabolic rate. No more guesstimates on FitBit or other online calculations, this scan tells you exactly the number of calories you burn if you were to lay in bed all day and not move. This, then, allows us to take into account your activity factor and recommend an accurate total calorie goal plus recommend macros effectively so you see results faster. 
  3. Multiple body composition measurements can help us measure and better understand lifestyle changes. Has switching up your breakfast made a difference? Has getting up early to come into the gym consistently for the last couple months been worth it? This can help re-emphasize that the hard work is really paying off. 
  4. We can fine tune for athletic performance. InBody shows where you distribute your fat and muscle (arms, legs, trunk) so you know which areas to target in workouts to be most effective with your training. In combination with your BMR, this provides excellent data points to adjust training/nutrition. 
  5. It can help us understand if we’re at risk for chronic disease. No more relying on BMI, which doesn’t take into account our muscle mass. We can know exactly where we’re at and InBody’s report provides fat loss and muscle gain recommendations based on the World Health Organization. 
If you’re interested in booking your scan, please let a coach know next time you’re in class and you can book in with Jose, Rachel or Sam.  
You’re also welcome to contact Sam directly at to schedule or if you have any questions about the scan.