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Athlete of the Month – Jeremy B.

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Hey, my name is Jeremy Bunge. I grew up in the Inwood/Fairbanks area of Houston, always running around with my two brothers and friends in the neighborhood. Currently work in energy (shocker in this town, I know). Love a good book or documentary, and if I’m not at the gym or with people from the gym, chances are I’m with my dog Charlie.

I started crossfit in January 2015. The first class I ever walked into was a frigid winter morning at 5 am. I had some friends on the Houston rugby team at the time, and they all did Crossfit to stay in shape during the off season. They persuaded me to try it. How has crossfit made an impact on my life outside of the gym? Confidence more than anything! If a tough situation arises, knowing I can push myself through pain and discomfort tends to put things in perspective. It also improves my sleep and ability to do all the other things that matter.

My favorite WOD/movement – I prefer longer WODs that involve double unders or some kind of gymnastics. Toes -to-bar is probably my most efficient movement. My least favorite movement – box jumps. My crossfit goals are to squat over 300lbs and snatch over my body weight. My proudest crossfit moment/achievement is either getting my first muscle up, or staying consistent with showing up over time.

My favorite quote and words to live by is “Audere est Facere” (To Dare is To Do). Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I get nervous before just about every single workout. Advice I would give to newbies: If you feel sore, like the skills you want are just outside your grasp, like sometimes it’s as if you’re fighting a gorilla in the middle of a workout…we all feel that way, you’re right where you should be. Don’t be afraid to fail and remember this is a community.