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Athlete of the Month – Kristin Grahmann

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Hey, my name is Kristin Grahmann (rhymes with Ramen, like Ramen noodles). I only spend my weekdays in Houston, working as a Completions manager for a small oil & gas operator.  District H is pretty much my only social, non-work activity during the week!  I spend most of my weekends at my favorite place in the whole world – my house in Canyon Lake, TX – either on the lake, cooking, reading, or just relaxing (I’m not much of a city person – and no, I don’t own a boat).  My 13-year-old cat, Clemmie, travels with me back and forth (I know – sad).  When I’m not at the lake, I’m usually at my parents’ place in Hallettsville doing good ol’ country things – with my parents and siblings, if I’m lucky: fishing, shooting/hunting, clearing brush, and riding around in the Ranger. 

I got into Crossfit in 2012. I’d been into weight lifting since about 15 years old, and I was living in Denver and very involved in fitness and nutrition (arguably in the best shape of my life back then!).  I was changing jobs in late 2011 and moving to Houston; both my cousin and a good friend of mine kept telling me how much I would love Crossfit.  So, after I moved back to TX, I needed a new gym and figured I’d give Crossfit a shot. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of where I went or the people there, I was hooked on the style of workout.

How has CrossFit made an impact on my life outside of the gym?

  • Shortly after I started Crossfit, I traveled a lot for work (to semi-remote places), and I was able to take what I learned and create my own workouts no matter where I was.  I’ve substituted weights with a VERY random assortment of things! 
  • It helps a lot when I’m working with my dad, clearing brush and other sorts of manual labor. 
  • Like with any fitness regimen, it helps with overall health and body confidence.

Running is BY FAR my least favorite thing ever!  My favorite, I like HSPUs and anything on the rig (T2Bs, pull-ups). My favorite lift is back squats and least favorite is the snatch. CrossFit goals of mine: I really need to improve my power clean, but I also secretly want to master a nice, solid bar muscle-up. As far as my proudest CrossFit moment/achievement, that’s a tough one; I don’t have any one moment that stands out.  It’s a pretty big accomplishment to get my antisocial self to a new gym with strangers and start working out, period, so there’s that. Something people might be surprised to know about me is I’m trained in classical piano; I started at 6 years old and am certified by the National Guild of Piano Teachers.  I’ve played for several of my friends’ weddings although I absolutely hate performing in front of people (horrible stage fright).

My favorite quote: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  You seriously can apply that to a million different situations. 

Advice I would you give to newbies

  • Learn how to do things the right way – don’t develop bad habits and bad form.
  • It’s okay to suck.  You don’t have to be a bad-ass right away (or ever, really).  
  • Find out who motivates you – that person that’s just a little bit faster or a little bit stronger, or that coach that always knows how to make you work just a little bit harder – and surround yourself with those people. 
  • Set realistic goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them; then set new goals. 
  • ·       Never underestimate the power of good nutrition; it can change your life.