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Athlete of the Month – Lauren F.

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Hey, my name is Lauren!

I started CrossFit 10 months ago. Prior to crossfit I had made a decision to become more fit and live a healthier lifestyle. I went to indoor cycle classes for 6 months everyday of the week, tracked my nutrition on my fitness pal, and still wasn’t seeing any results. I went to a nutritionist and she noted that my muscle mass was unusually low and suggested to decrease my cardio and add weight training. My muscles had atrophied after fracturing my pelvis and not walking for 3 months followed by a sedentary lifestyle with hours of studying in anesthesia school. So Crossfit bound I was, as intimidating as it was, it’s been one of the best decisions.

District H isn’t only about getting a good workout in but also meeting new friends, talking nutrition and becoming a better athlete with the help of our coaches. I’m a strong believer that everyone needs gym friends. Friends that motivate you to show up, ones that you can complain to about how sore you are, ones that inspire you to work harder, and cheer you on when you’re struggling.  When we aren’t sweating and meal prepping healthy meals we are eating out and going to happy hour. Balance is key. Work hard (at the gym and work) and play harder!

“Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start.” So many thoughts run through my mind every morning when I read the WOD. The first is usually, do I even want to go, because that workout looks terrible. This is when I hope I get a text from that gym friend asking if I’m going today, followed by some complaining about how bad it is going to be. However, completing the WOD, rather it be first or last, light or heavy, is always the greatest feeling of accomplishment!

Not many will agree with me but thrusters are my favorite lift. It’s a well-rounded, full body lift that leaves my upper and lower body feeling the burn. I’m a fan of power cleans but it is also my weakest lift. I love the challenge of improving something I am weak at.  

I don’t have specific weight goals that I want to achieve. My general goal is to do better every time I walk into the gym, rather I do a WOD faster, lift a little heavier, or improve a technique, every day brings an opportunity for progress. But lets be honest, my real goal is to smile as much as Amy does at the gym.

I have “proud” moments all the time. Some days may be bigger, more memorable than others- like a new personal record weight, first pull up, first handstand push up, first time to do a double under. Other days it might be putting 1 more pound on the bar, showing up when I didn’t want to get out of bed, or eating healthy all day. Completing the open this year was probably my proudest moment in my crossfit journey, that also came with a lot of “firsts”.  

For all you newbies- Walking through the gym doors will be the most intimidating time but it will be followed by a lot of rewards. Hard work, or even a little work, pays off!  Soon you will be better and stronger than the next beginner walking through those doors.