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Athlete of the Month – Whitney Warren

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Hi! My name is Whitney Warren.  I was born and raised in Farmington, New Mexico, which my husband jokingly refers to as Winchester-ton-field-ville.

     Growing up in Farmington, I was very active in about every sport and activity you can imagine- Softball, Dance, Cheerleading, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Track, Basketball, and Volleyball.  After high school, I moved to Tempe, AZ to go to Arizona State University.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to study, but I started out in the sciences and eventually settled on Nursing.  I graduated in 2010 with my BSN, and ended up getting a job at Houston Methodist in the Medical ICU as a Critical Care RN.  My goal in nursing was always to go back to graduate school and become a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  After about 3 years of ICU nursing, I started my Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia program at Baylor College of Medicine in 2013.  It was probably the hardest 3 years of my life, but totally worth it!  I absolutely love what I do. Out of school, I started working at MD Anderson in 2016, and still work there today.  I count myself lucky to love what I do every single day, and I feel that I truly make a difference in my patient’s lives.  I provide anesthesia for every specialty in the hospital, and I enjoy the variety of surgical and non-surgical cases I get to do.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time either at the gym after work, or at home hanging out with my husband, Chris, who is also a member at DH!  Chris and I met here in Houston in 2016, and got married last September!  We are so happy we found District H together, and it’s really great having each other to support and cheer each other on.  We both like to play golf in our free time when the weather permits, and ride our bikes around the Heights on the weekends and explore new restaurants, bars, and especially dessert shops!  We love to travel and have been very fortunate to have taken some amazing trips.  Most recently, we went to Switzerland, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia!  We have a 12 year old cat, named Kitty of course, that I got in college, and she is probably (definitely) the best cat ever in the history of cats

         I started doing Crossfit in July of 2017, During anesthesia school, I was pretty sedentary and majorly stressed, and having gone from being an active, athletic person my entire life, I was extremely unhappy and on the road to an unhealthy future.  After school and starting my career, I knew I needed to start exercising again.  I tried a few gyms, but nothing was sticking and I still wasn’t that excited about working out.  I moved into our house in March of 2016, and I saw DH then, and was totally intimidated by it and thought I would never give CrossFit a try.  I also had heard negative things about CrossFit, such as people always getting injured, and I had it in my head that CrossFit ‘people’ would not accept me if I was not already in great shape.  In May of 2017, I injured my hand in an avocado accident, and couldn’t do much of anything with my hand for about 6 weeks.  I continued to live an unhealthy lifestyle, and eventually realized how unhappy I was with my overall health and decided to give CrossFit a try.  My husband started going about a month before me, and he would come home totally drenched and drained, but somehow enjoyed this torture?!?!  So after my hand was healed up, I started coming to DH, and it definitely took a few months for me to get into it.  Slowly, I started seeing changes in my body, and I felt 100 times better than I had before.  I started feeling more confident, strong, and could actually complete some of the workouts!  I eventually figured out that CrossFit, specifically at DH, was finally what was going to work for me!  I would actually be really sad if I had to miss a class due to getting stuck over at work, where before, I dreaded going to the gym!

         CrossFit and the DH family has changed my life in such a dramatic, positive way.  I take my physical and mental health so much more seriously than I did before, because I realized how bad I feel when I am not eating good and working out consistently.  I am not out of breath anymore doing basic tasks, I have stamina, my mood is elevated, and I feel strong and confident!  My family, friends, and coworkers have definitely noticed the change too!

         My main goals are simply to live an active, healthy life, and be a positive role model for our kids one day to do the same.  Skill-wise, I would love to be able to achieve chest to bar pull ups, more than 25 DU’s in a row, and hand-stand push-ups!

         I think my proudest moment was the first time I did a pull-up! I had literally been dreaming about doing pull-ups, and then they finally happened!  Also, recently placing 1st in our division in the Midsummer Melee with my partner, Amy, was a really great feeling!

         Fun fact about me I was voted best voice in high school, and sang the national anthem at a lot of local events and sports, but I am a terrible singer now!  Vocal cords are muscles and have to be worked out too, use it or lose it!

     “When a friend tells you they made a mistake, your first response is to comfort, support, and encourage them. When you make a mistake, your first response is to guilt, shame, and discourage yourself.  Stop being an asshole to yourself.  Treat yourself like you treat your best friend.”