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Daily WOD Thursday 090519

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Metabolic Conditioning: Complete one round for time.

30-20-10 of:

DB Power Snatch 50/35

Wall balls 20/14

Then 400m run into

10-20-30 of:

Lateral Burpees over DB

Jumping slam ball (30/20)

Accessory Work: Complete 3 rounds

10 DB rows in plank position (Each arm)

10 Bulgarian split squats (back foot on box or bench, each leg)

:45 seconds of Hurdlers stretch to each leg

ReBOOT Class:

5 Rounds for time:

18 wall balls

12 push ups + DB row (alternating arms each rep, 12 total push ups, 30/20lbs)

48ft bear crawl/12 mats wide