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District H Crossfit Member of the Month – Allen M.

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Allen is  a mechanical engineer for a Construction Company. His wife Lauren and him recently moved to the Heights after several national and international assignments. They have one four year old boy, Mason and twin two-year old girls Sydney and Zoe.


Before the kids (and hopefully sometime again soon) they were avid travelers. They are experienced Scuba Divers, having done so around the world. He lived in Australia on the barrier reef for two years so he’s a bit spoiled in that regard. They’re  also big into Tennis (Lauren was a part of A&M’s Big 12 winning teams, Allen won a beer league fraternity tournament once! Go Allen!).

In high school, Allen raced slalom for the ski team. Hopefully, they’ll be in Houston for several years- his job assignment does have him going back and forth to Trinidad about a week a month.

What brought you into Crossfit instead of another fitness avenue?

Our busy schedules do not allow for the types of conditioning and long gym-hours we’d like. Work and home life obligations often don’t allow for the daily regimented programs we’re accustomed to. Crossfit provides both a flexible set-length structure and strong motivating environment to allow me to get a workout in rather than be reliant on self-motivation to drag myself to a gym. I push myself harder when motivated by the group and coaches. When I do home training like P-90X or Insanity I don’t end up pushing myself as hard.

What has surprised you most about your training so far?

To be honest, just how out of shape I was even though I was in “good shape” in comparison to my non-crossfit peers. While I could run a mile without huffing and puffing too much and can throw a bit of weight around, my level of physical fitness just in the last several months has increased substantially.


What is the best part about District H Crossfit?

Not to be too corny but I really enjoy the people and neighborhood feel. The fact the gym is within walking distance from my house is also very nice. The sometimes not-so-subtle instruction provided by the coaches is just the right amount of input I need as sometimes I know my form isn’t ideal.

What have noticed most about your body from your efforts; from composition to just how you feel even?

Flexibility is paramount for me. The ability to lift more will continue to happen, and I’m pleased with that but it is the increase in flexibility and ability to do the exercises more correctly that I believe have improved the most so far. I know I have a long way to go from this perspective but being someone who wasn’t terribly out of shape when I began, I’ve notice very good results, particularly cardiovascular.

What is one goal you have for this year that the community can help you achieve?

For me, it’s all about maintaining a schedule and staying diligent with the program. Give me grief if you haven’t seen me in a while, I’m pretty terrible at making up excuses.

What advice would you give to other new comer to District H Crossfit?

The soreness doesn’t go away! I have found that taking a day off to let the soreness subside is actually not that great of a strategy. On the days when you are the most sore, go in! There is often dedicated stretching and other activities to target the soreness.