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District H Blog – Why you should do the Crossfit Open by Coach Rachel

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Why You Should Do the CrossFit Open

We do CrossFit to make us better at life and to live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life! Participating in the CrossFit Open isn’t any different. As the CrossFit Open approaches each year, you might be asking yourself, “but why should I do the CF Open?” Where’s why:

It gives us an opportunity to measure our progress through data that is measurable, observable and repeatable to have and participate in.
It gives us something to train for.
It’s a chance to test ourselves outside of our comfort zone and mentally as well.
It will give you that feel of a competitive environment if you’ve never competed before, but with and against your own friends and people you know.
The open workouts create an energetic environment where many athletes surprise themselves and achieve their first double under, pull up, muscle up, or even PR a barbell movement.
It helps you to recognize and uncover new weaknesses that you need to improve on.
You will not only be sharing the suffering of WOD’s with the community at your own box, but also with all CFcommunities all over the world. What an incredible way to connect with the CrossFit community worldwide.

There are scaled versions of the open workouts that fit your level so don’t worry or fret if you don’t have muscle ups, or chest to bars, or even pull ups. Still, just in case you’re on the fence of whether to scale Open WOD’s when it comes time, check out this article from CrossFit to help you with that decision.

If its other doubts leaving you indecisive about signing up such as fear and anxiety just thinking about the workouts, then don’t worry because that’s natural! Keep these few pointers in mind:

You’re not alone, there are many others who are feeling the same way!
Don’t overthink or internalize it.
When it comes to opinions, stay positive! Stay kind to yourself and incorporate positive self-talk. Don’t take any negativity or negative comments personally. Only take into account opinions that matter such as from your coaches and mentors you trust.
Focus on yourself and do your very best!
Stay in your lane, meaning focus on the things you can control such as sleep, nutrition, confidence, trust in yourself, warm-ups, headspace, self-talk (as previously mentioned), breathing, and mental preparation…not on things you can’t control such as injuries, accidents, work, family, the competition, weather, opinions, open programming, etc.
It’s only 5 workouts over 5 weeks which amounts to somewhere around 2.5 hours or less of judged physical action. Most of you do more than that in a week!

My last bit of advice: sign up for the open and encourage your friends to as well…it’s a great way in testing your fitness to see where you’ve come from and where you’re going!  Most importantly though, have FUN!!