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District H Crossfit Blog – “Why do the CrossFit Open?” by Coach Tommy

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Why Do the CrossFit Open? by Coach Tommy

Well, it is that time of the year again. Five weeks of joining crossfitters around the world in doing the exact same workouts. I am sure that many of our own members are tired of hearing Coach Jose, Coach Ray, Ed or myself bring up the CrossFit Open and convince them to partake in what may seem like a meaningless event.

I can understand why many of our community are hesitant about spending $20 to workout more than your already do, I want to provide an alternative point of view of why everyone should do the CrossFit Open.

Let’s face it; none of us are going to the CrossFit Games or even regionals, so why bother? This question lies at the very heart of the main misconception that everyone makes about CrossFit, in general. If I tried to sell CrossFit as solely being to train for something like the CrossFit Games, we wouldn’t have the strong community that we have at District H. It is just not feasible. Of the hundreds of thousands of those who like to CrossFit, only a very small percentage (less than 1%) has the opportunity to compete on the main stage.

So what do we train for? Why do we do CrossFit?

I can’t answer that question for everyone, but let me tell you why I train. Early on in my CrossFit journey I got caught in the trap of comparing myself to others. It is very natural to do, especially when your results are posted publicly for everyone to see. But I was fortunate enough to have a coach that was a true inspiration and positive role model of what I should be focusing on, which was self-development. Self-development in not only my physical ability, but also my emotional and mental ability.

I learned how to be more humble. I learned how to be a good gym mate that motivates and cheers for those around him. I learned how to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. In a competitive setting, I learned how to trust myself to execute movements to the best of my ability even when there was a tremendous amount of pressure on me.

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While this may seem like no big deal in the grand scheme of things, little did I know that it translated into other areas of my life, whether it is personal, professional, or spiritual.

Understanding your weaknesses and attacking them head on not only allows you to progress, but gives you the personal confidence that you can attack anything that life throws at you.

That is what we train for. We train for life. The gym allows us to learn lessons and practice the behaviors that allow us to succeed life; it is a microcosm if you will. We make ourselves stronger every single day we decide to go to the gym versus sitting on the couch. We embrace challenge. Sometimes we need a helping hand from our friends and community, but we make it through at the end of the day. We learn not to give up.

So why do the CrossFit Open?

I believe it is about challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. When all eyes are on you, can you execute what you know how to do any other day of the week? Learning how to thrive in that type of environment will allow you to grow in other areas of your life outside the gym.

Most importantly, celebrate your fitness with your gym mates and have fun. We are all here to support you through thick and thin. Embrace the challenge, put a smile on your face, and celebrate life.

All that matters is how you feel about your results, nothing else.


Let’s Get It!!!!