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District H Crossfit Kid Fit Program

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District H Kid Fit Program

Our District H Kid Fit (DHKF) program top priority is safety first which is why we teach positions to maximize injury prevention. Our primary goal in programming workouts is to pair fitness with FUN! We end each session with a game where the kids can have fun and express themselves.

The DHKF mission is for the kids to gain physical knowledge and understanding to be able to pursue many different ranges and types of physical activity throughout their life. The kids who participate in our programming will also gain competence, confidence, and motivation which translates to helping them face challenges outside of the gym as well.

Through enrolling you child/children in our DHKF program, you are investing in their futures by giving them the opportunity to learn and develop the foundational level and patterns of fitness and health. Kids also have the opportunity to improve their self-perception and develop friendships and a community of like-minded individuals.


86.3% of adults will be overweight or obese and 51.1% will be obese by the year 2030 if trends continue.
This obesity prediction of adult population in 2030 will be our children and youth now.
The DHKF program is a way to reverse these trends and change the potential behaviors of adults by educating and instilling healthier behaviors into them while they are adolescents.
The kids who participate in the DHKF program do not have to have certain coordination or speed.  
The DHKF program is designed for scalability in all movements which makes it perfect for any kid.
The DHKF program strives to teach the participants the association between exercise and fun through a positive and safe environment with the intentions that they will carry it into their adulthood.
  • Every Thursday @ 3:30pm Starting December 6th!
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