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District H Crossfit Member of the Month – Mark D.

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District H Crossfit is proud to introduce our November Member of the Month Mark D. He is one of the most interesting people that we have in our community; from the moment you meet him he’ll sure make a great impression on you. He’s always up for a good talk and full of energy. Thanks for allowing District H Crossfit to be a part of your Fitness journey.

Meet Mark Diamond and from Augusta, GA. He mostly grew up in the rural south only to somehow become an opera singer…. weird. He sang professionally internationally for several years and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Houston in Vocal Performance.


What Brought you to Crossfit instead of another fitness avenue?

I chose to do Crossfit for many reasons, not least of which is that fact that District H was the closest gym to my house… Seriously though, I read about the style of Crossfit, and thought the class structure would be helpful in keeping me accountable and motivated.

What is the best part about District H Crossfit?

I think the best part about District H is the warm and personal, yet professional, environment. All of the coaches I train with are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful before, during, and after class. The friendly competition and camaraderie between members is also high up on the list of amazing parts of District H. It is just a pleasure to be at the gym.


What have you noticed most about your body? From your efforts; composition or just how you feel in general.

My rate of improvement is definitely the most surprising aspect of my training so far. I have seen so much progress in the short period of time I have been here. While I still have so much more to grow, I can see how my body is really responding to the intense training.

I have seen and feel a lot of changes in my body in the short ten weeks I have been here. I have lost over 10lbs and looking in the mirror has become much less depressing…. hahaha. I have seen a huge improvement in my posture and there are muscles(however small) starting to show up on my body that I didn’t know I had. My energy levels have risen, but more than anything, I know that I am taking care of myself which means I feel better about taking on each day.

What is one goal you have for this year that the community can help you achieve?

I have been thinking a lot about my goals and the one over-arcing goal is simple, I would like to be way way stronger. I have lots of small goals in my head, some of which I have already begun to achieve like learning double-unders, and others that are a long way off such as strict muscle-ups. The community does its part every day just by existing and giving me a safe, encouraging, and motivating place to work my butt off.


What advice would you give to other new comers to District H Crossfit?

I would probably leave the advice giving to some of the more experienced members and coaches… but if I were forced to give advice I would simply say to take advantage of the resources in front of you. Ask questions of the trainers any time you have one, in my experience they are always willing to listen and help when they can. Also, come to as many days a week as your body allows. My experience has been that the more I work, the more I get out of it….. crazy how that works…