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InBody Composition Scan

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We’re very excited to let our members know District H Crossfit is the proud new owner of an InBody270! What does an InBody Composition Scan results sheet tell you over your home scale? 

The InBody results form shows lean muscle mass, skeletal muscle, water retention, body fat, muscle breakdown and basal metabolic rate. By measuring your progress with an InBody Scanner we can look at the full picture and can adjust your plan as you achieve your goals! 

Because muscle weighs more than fat, if your body composition is changing and you are gaining muscle while losing fat, the number on the scale won’t reflect your body composition changes. This can be discouraging for a lot of people, which is why you shouldn’t base your progress strictly on the number on the scale. 

When you come by for a scan, the InBody is entirely non-evasive and is essentially the same as standing on a scale only you’ll be holding a couple of hand electrodes. Safe, low-level currents are then passed through the body. The time it takes the electrodes to pass through to one another is what is used to calculate and measure your body composition, as different tissues take different amounts of time. This is also known as Bioelectric Impedance Analysis and InBody provides one of the most accurate and affordable testing on the market. 

Each InBody Test will print out a full-page of results that your coach will then take the time to explain to you. Moving forward, each additional test will allow you to see the changes from the previous scan to establish trends and progress. 

Interested? Come be one of the first to test it out! Initial scan $35 or two scans for $60. InBody scans are also included in ALL nutrition packages.

Schedule your composition Scan TODAY!