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Member of the Month – Alicia Divers

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Alicia is a Texas original born in Dallas and split most of her Texan years between Dallas and the Hill Country of San Antonio.  Graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2001 with a Sociology and Biblical Studies Degree.  Post college she moved to Delhi, India for two years where she taught English to university students.  After completing her time in India, she moved to Southern California and lived there for 4 years and  completed her Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies.  She moved to Houston almost 5 years ago to help start a church called Bayou City Fellowship and still on staff there.  Since college graduation, She sought opportunities to see the world and have traveled to 24 countries. Most recently she has been learning and visiting about  refugees (ISIS & genocide) survivors from Houston, Greece, Jordan, and Iraq, seeking to understand the refugee crisis around the world and how to help mobilize others to step in and make a difference.  Recently helped found a non-profit in Houston called Houston Welcomes Refugees.

What brought you into Crossfit instead of another fitness avenue?

When I lived in California, all of my community and the people I knew were huge Crossfit fanatics. I couldn’t escape Crossfit people or their love of it.  I would always tell them “I could never do that,” but secretly always wanted to try it.

What has surprised you most about your training so far?

I can do it! I am competent and even more that that, I enjoy it.

I did not grow up an athlete and most gyms make me feel extremely uncomfortable and insecure.  I am anything but elite; in fact, I’m the epitome of an average athlete, but I have come to love to putting in the work and doing things I never thought I would do.

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What is the best part about District H Crossfit?

The coaches first, and then the people.  In that order.  The coaches first because they have created an amazing culture of excellence in fitness, professionalism, and community.  And because of their intentionality, our community is able to thrive and just enjoy each other and the process of getting fit.  I am thankful for this group because they encourage me, push me, cheer me on, and genuinely care about me.

What have noticed most about your body from your efforts; from composition to just how you feel even?

I think for most women putting in the work, even if it doesn’t give you the perfect body, Crossfit makes you at the least just love your body.  And for a girl like me  who has spent most of her life hating her body, this is a huge gift.  I love the benefits that lifting has made on both my physical composition and my confidence.

What is one goal you have for this year that the community can help you achieve?

Oh yeah, we were supposed to turn in goals weren’t we? Sorry Coaches.

Maybe to make some goals!

What advice would you give to other new comer to District H Crossfit.

Stick with it.  Put in the work.   Show Up.  Be Present.  Be faithful to it.  And if I can do it, you sure as hell can too.