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Member of the Month – Michael Shopoff

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I’m a 41 year old stay at home dad, with two kids (Courtney – 11 and Colt – 7) and an amazing wife, Christie. I started CrossFit 2 and a half years ago when I started staying home after 15 years in public accounting. I’ve lived in Houston my entire adult life, love my Longhorns, and will challenge anyone to find a more die-hard Astros fan than me (who had to be talked out of naming my son after Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio).


What brought you into Crossfit instead of another fitness avenue?

I had tried working on my own at the gym, but never was successful – I never kept myself accountable to it, and I didn’t know the right ways to lift. After I started staying home with my kids, my wife suggested “have you looked at that CrossFit place down the street?” I figured the OnRamp classes couldn’t hurt (too much) and found that I loved it.

What has surprised you most about your training so far?

I figured that I would reach a plateau in my strength – that there would be a point where I just couldn’t keep developing at my age. But that hasn’t been the case – there’s been consistent, incremental progress in all areas. It may not be noticeable day-by-day, or week-by-week, but it’s there.


What is the best part about District H Crossfit?

While I love the people I meet at the box, I have to say the best part of District H is the coaches. Any gym is only going to be as good as its trainers, but everyone I’ve met at District H has been fabulous – especially in two areas. First, their thoroughness of knowledge – every single time you do a lift, they’re going to go over it to make sure you’re doing it right – no shortcuts. Second, the way they can calibrate their approach to each individual – they know when you need a push, when you need encouragement, and when you need to hear “it’s OK, it’s just not happening today.”

What have noticed most about your body from your efforts; from composition to just how you feel even?

It’s not even my muscle tone, my pant size, or anything about my appearance – it’s that I have a better *sense* of my body. I feel my movements, I feel more in control – I may even be less clumsy!

Mike waits
What is one goal you have for this year that the community can help you achieve?

Now that I’ve recovered from my fear of the box jump, my goal is to move into kipping pull-ups during the METCON. If you see me trying to back down to the rings – give me a push!

What advice would you give to other new comer to District H Crossfit?

Don’t be afraid! I’ve seen people at all levels of fitness, at all different ages, come in and succeed. The Coaches know how to help you through it. Don’t focus on the athletes you see on CrossFit games – it’s just a great way to develop your own fitness!