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Snatch Clinic With Dustin Ma PT, DPT

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Snatch Clinic With Dustin Ma PT, DPT

Clinic Details:

Clinic will include general instruction and technique breakdown regarding performing a full/squat snatch followed by individualized corrections and assignments to improve movement patterns.

Clinic will also include individualized mobility exercises to improve overhead positioning and squat depth.

Run time 90 minutes October 27th at 2PM.


00:00-00:10mIntroduction – Plans and goals for seminar are presented. Address any questions, injuries/limitations, concerns.

00:10-00:15 – Light warm up and mobility

00:15-00:25 – Instruction regarding snatch grip/hook grip/over head position/overhead squat

00:25-00:40 – Power position/high hang, muscle snatch, catching overhead

00:40-00:55 – hang position/2nd pull

00:55-1:10 – finding proper starting position, proper 1stpull/lift off, snatch deadlift

1:10-1:20 – putting it all together/performing a full snatch

1:20-1:30 – address mobility/prescribe exercises per individual

Extra Time – closing comments/questions/concerns/collect emails for follow up email regarding seminar notes with videos

Dustin Ma PT, DPT

Practicing physical therapist for 7 years across multiple settings including sports medicine and geriatrics.

Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

2018 Master’s World Championships – 8th place 69kg

2018 American Open Series 1 – Arnold’s 1st Place Masters 69kg

2017 Texas State Championships 1st Place Masters 69kg

2017 Masters Nationals – 2nd place 69kg

Competed at the national level since 2013 to 2016 as a senior athlete