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Waiting for the New Year to be healthy again? by Sam Mackinnon

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Waiting until the New Year to be healthy again?

Apparently you’re not alone! A new article from the New York Post came out that claims that at least 45% of people are abandoning attempts to be healthy until 2019. Now, this study observed about 2,000 people (a somewhat decent sample size) but was sponsored by Herbalife so slightly biased. Nevertheless, it’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard of people giving up healthy habits over the holidays. Hell! We planned an entire challenge to try to offset the damage done between Thanksgiving & New Years. 

One statistic out of this article is that only 12% of people manage to not gain any weight at all during the holiday season meaning that roughly 88% of us will see some kind of weight gain. One widely accepted statistic states that out of the entire year, the holiday season is responsible for about 75% of people’s weight gain. See if you can offset some of that with a few of these strategies: 

  • Try not to see the entire month as a free-for-all holiday. Sure, there’ll be specific days where you have a special event or a lot going on, but keep the rest of your time as close to your normal routine as possible. 
  • Plan out your exercise for the week. Maybe up the cardio/sweaty workout, or even make a point to go for a walk on days you know you’ll be going overboard. 
  • When it comes to the meal itself. Pick your carb poison- are you going to town on the bread basket OR mashed potatoes OR wine OR dessert? It’s not to say you can’t have them but try to pick one or a half portion of two and fuel up on lean proteins & non-starchy veggies. 
  • When it comes to alcohol this holiday season, beware of the eggnog, egg flips, and other heavy milky cocktails, which can pack 400+ calories in quite a small glass. Alcohol in general can rack up the calories so it’s helpful to try to have a glass of water in between. Also, because it offsets the hangover that follows super sugary cocktails. 
Keep in mind, even the small swaps can really help the big picture. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season! – Samantha Mackinnon, RD, LD