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Athlete of the Month – Amy Hathaway

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Hey, my name is Amy Hathaway.


I’m 1 of 4 girls born and raised right here in Houston, TX. Always knew I would be a nurse and completed that dream in May of 2011. Have been working at Texas Children’s Hospital in their Pediatric ICU on nightshift ever since, and recently promoted to one of the nightshift managers. I literally LOVE my job! Now one of my greatest interests/hobbies is definitely CrossFit! Love it! I wonder daily why it took me so long to step foot into a gym. After that love traveling, most recently have had the opportunity to go to Banff, CA, New Zealand & Costa Rica. My favorite is hard to pick but a close running between NZ & Switzerland. So many places on the list still to check off! Lately also been into podcasts thanks to some friends, people should check out Dr. Death, Gladiator & Over my dead body.

I started CrossFit April 2015, and haven’t looked back, 30 years old seemed like a good age to start! How did I get started? I actually had several girlfriends at work that currently did CrossFit and talking with them about really what it meant to complete these types of workouts and what to expect, I felt more and more this would be a workout for me. There was a fellow nurse I worked with that said she would try outDistrict H with me so we came to a noon class one day in April. Jose was so welcoming and really made me feel comfortable about the process and my ability to really see progress with CrossFit and then I came to the 3pm class and I was hooked. I Couldn’t have done it without my long-time classmates Steven & Mark F! CrossFit hasdefinitely made me a more physically conscientious of a healthy lifestyle. I find myself seeking more opportunities to be physically active while on vacations and seeking out opportunities to include some type of exercise along the way. It’s changed the way I view food and how to properly balance nutritious food in a way that is realistic to maintain for a lifetime.

My favorite WOD – I really like the MURPH WOD, I’ve completed every year not RX but it’s something I won’t skip (yes I know there is running in this one). My least favorite WOD – Any WOD involving running, Jose knows. Please kill me! My favorite lifts are power cleans and deadlifts. My least favorite lift are thrusters. My current CrossFit goals are pull-ups (more than 10 in a row), handstand push-ups, and maintaining deadlifts & back squats greater than 200lbs. My proudest CrossFit moment was my first full RX workout, improving on my open workouts from 2017 to 2018. Being selected as athlete of the month!! J  Really though just getting myself to the gym 3-4 days a week with my crazy schedule.

One of the most important quotes/words to live by for me is a bible verse “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Just reminds us that we can make plans for our future but it is all on God’s timing. That being said I also think it’s important to take risks because you never know what might happen and I love the quote by Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Something people would be surprised to know about me: I have a dream that one day I can solely do medical mission nursing. I went on a trip to Suriname (South America) in 2017 and absolutely fell in love. It reminded me again why I became a nurse in the first place. I still would like to participate in the Mercy Ship program. It’s a cruise shipconverted into a floating hospital that services mostly African countriesbut it requires at least a 2-month commitment, making for some serious planning ahead. Advice I’d give to CF newbies is not to be afraid to try it out. The most important thing is to find a gym with coaches that care. It’s a big red flag if you walk into a gym and you’ve never done CrossFit and they do not offer some type of on-rampturn around and find another place. Great gyms are the ones with encouraging coaches with a priority in safety!