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Athlete of the Month – Clayton

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Hey, my name is Clayton Leonard. I work in the recruiting industry and help companies find top talent. My degree is in Finance from the University of Houston and am sitting for the CFA exam. In my spare time, things that keep me balanced out are playing the drums, working out, supporting Houston sports teams, spending time with family and finding the next best taco spot. In addition to CrossFit, I enjoy swimming and climbing.

I started CrossFit May of 2015. I needed some kind of physical activity in my life after trying out and not getting much out of Spin classes at another gym in the Heights. I remember coming to DHCF and having a great & welcoming conversation with the coaches here…I felt like I needed some good training/coaching while building strength, conditioning & endurance. CrossFit was something I never thought I’d be able to do because I had never done any strength training… and for a while could NOT do many of the movements that I’m able to today. Few years later and some miniscule injuries, I wouldn’t change a thing. CrossFit has also made an impact on my life outside of the gym. Anytime someone has to move, I’ll be the first one to volunteer…! No, but on a serious note it has provided me with insight on living a healthy lifestyle, like-minded friendships, offered a great balance to a desk-duty lifestyle, and helped me grow as a person.

My favorite wod/movement is anything involving arms/shoulders (pullups, handstand pushups, rope). My least favorite are wallballs. My favorite lifts are squat cleans and clean & jerks while my least favorite are deadlifts. I have several CrossFit goals: To actively and successfully partake in a competition (who’s coming with?). Strive to get better every week, every day, every workout, every movement… even if that means scaling back or regressing in reps or weight to achieve consistency.

My proudest CF moments/achievements:

1.Successfully completing the CF open in 2018 & knocking out a couple of ring MU’s for the first time, post 18.3

2. Continuing to show up, even though my body sometimes doesn’t want to.

My favorite quotes and words to live by:

“Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters…”

“Pride comes before the fall—stay humble.” 

Something people would be surprised to know about me? In a previous life, I was a professionally recorded & live musician. I’ve been playing the drums since the age of 4— also piano & guitar. Advice I’d give newbies: Find the perfect balance between pushing yourself, knowing your limits, trusting your body and letting yourself go… & don’t get discouraged too soon if you aren’t getting a movement down or progressing in weight… it will happen. I don’t know- just don’t overthink it… take the juice. Give it your best. Eat right. Get rest. Enjoy the fellowship.