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Athlete of the Month – Steven Gonzales

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Hey, my name is Steven Gonzales. I’m 48yrs old and married to my beautiful wife Tracy and have two amazing kiddos. I enjoy traveling and fishing. My CrossFit journey started about 5 years ago. The reason I started CrossFit was because my wife told me Ineeded to get off the couch and start exercising, and now she tells me to please stop talking about CrossFit all the time, lol. CrossFit has really helped me to be more active with kids.

My favorite movement in CrossFit are power cleans and my least favorite areoverhead squats. My CrossFit goal for 2019 is to be able to do doubleunders. My proudest CrossFit moment to date was when I was able to do butterfly pullups. The quote I live by and is my favorite would be, “I wont stop until”. Advise I would give to a newbie…listen to your coach’s instructions on form!