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Working on your Weakness by Coach Kam

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From a personal perspective, simply relying on your strengths might not cut it anymore. It’s very easy to work on the things you’re good at, but not as easy to work on the areas we are not so good at. Whether these areas be in gym, at work, or just everyday life. There is a need for continuous improvement, progression is the name of the game. In order to succeed and reach your greatest potential you must attack your weaknesses head on!
Here are some ways that you can turn weaknesses in your favor.

Remind yourself of past failures
Writing down weaknesses is one of the most important steps towards self improvement. Making a list enables you to examine your past failures and difficulties in a more detailed manner. It also ensures that you don’t continue to repeat the same things you did in the past. The list will also give you a chance to make a strategic plan of attack. Writing down the areas you wish to improve will help you stay focused on the big picture, and give you a way to track your progression.

Seek Help You are not alone
Seeking guidance from others is a great way to tackle weaknesses. By seeking help you may get to know people who share the same problems as you and work together. Finding help can broaden your skill set and improve on your weaker areas. Seeking help will give you an extra set of eyes to help spot weaknesses you may not have noticed. It’ll be a great opportunity to hear different perspectives and bounce ideas off each other on how to attack the weaker points.

Prepares you for possible problems
We all know that weaknesses can lead to failures, which then creates problems. If you choose to work on your weaknesses you can learn how to avoid problematic outcomes. By focusing on working on the weaker points it gives you the opportunity to practice problem solving skills in a productive manner. That way when problems do arise you are much more prone to handle them in a productive way.

Helps you discover Hidden strengths
Every weakness has a corresponding strength. If you work on them you may unlock potential hidden strengths. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop working on your weaknesses because you unlock a hidden strength. This also goes both ways you should not completely stop working on your strengths to just focus on working on your weaknesses. You can refine one skill while improving on another.

Don’t let weaknesses stop or even slow you down. Use them as opportunities of introspection and self improvement. We all have areas we need to work on. By making the the decision to work on our weaknesses, we give ourselves a greater chance to grow and become better individuals.